Hello Mud Crab!

The restaurateur behind Felicini has launched Mud Crab Diner in Central Avenue, West Bridgford. Home of the “perfect burger” – the pair behind the Italian chain have changed the premises into the new brand. Opening date Friday 31 May. See Menu below

A mix of Australian and American influences is the theme behind Mud Crab Diner, with custom built burgers as well as breakfasts and platters on offer. See sample menu below.

Neil Lawrence and Ged Lynch launched the new concept in Sheffield in 2012, they had moved from wine bars into Felicini together and inspired by the “best ever burger” Lawrence had ever had – on a visit to Ed Debevic’s in Chicago- he spent a long time perfecting a New York-inspired diner concept and feels like he has finally achieved it.

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Mud Crab West Bridgford

The former Felicini’s changes its clothes…

Mud Crab West Bridgford

Central Avenue, West Bridgford


  1. Well I do wish them every success, but I find the menu disappointing to say the least. I was quite excited by the name, but the only bit of seafood is Deep Fried Calamari … and as for Deep Fried Egg, well that tells me all I need to know!

    1. That is not their menu, it says its Manchesters menu. The one they have outside to take away is much bigger.

  2. That’s good news, thank you Richard … I look forward to popping by and being pleasantly surprised :-)

  3. Look forward to seeing the full menu, and even better if there is plenty of seafood on it – little disappointed with the ‘sample’ menu shown as it all seems to be fried in some way or other. A good amount of ‘healthier’ options would be nice to see and the prices seem a little steep.

  4. Fellincini’s had a good look & feel … ( but I agree with a comment above that staff and service was not great for most of the time ) this new look “Mudcrab” for Bridgford stands out like a sore thumb… since when did West Bridgford become amercian… diner !!!!! , this is so gras… ps what has the name got to do with burgers … not a happy West B person

  5. It still looks overpriced to me like the last fayre. Never been good value for money in my opinion. Looks like they could be trying too hard to resurrect it?

  6. Great idea, but unfortunately the menu is exactly the same as Felicini’s, only the names seemed to have changed!

  7. This is stupid why change a fab Italian restaurant into basically a ghuci burger bar well you’ve lost my custom. A huge huge loss to west bridgford. Crazy choice I’m sick of this burger American crap bring back the other restaurant.

  8. Mary, it has always been an eyesore. A perfectly good building which was inkeeping with the row was completely demolished to make way for the ‘rubics cube’. Nothing wrong with being diverse but I think West Bridgfordians are taken for granted that this is where the money is!

  9. “We can’t really accommodate buggies”, said the very rude management in a largely empty resturant! That is a shame because there are a lot of us “buggies” and we probably make a significant contribution to local businesses. You have lost my custom.

    1. Let me guess a short haired guy with glasses on!!! Whom has the manners of a ………………….. lost my custom too.

  10. ..yikes, I’m intrigued by cheeseburger with peanut butter and a fried egg ?! May have to go just to see if that is for real!

  11. Menu aside, if it’s just the same people under a different name then that means the staff will still be slow and disinterested and the service will still be terrible. So I won’t be frequenting the establishment, and even the peanut butter burger won’t tempt me!

  12. Just vistited with my daughter and grand children on our regular monthly west bridgford visit have never seen a successful restaurant emplode to such an extent! I buy failed businesses
    Keep it up and I will be in within 6 months !! Xxx what a shame why break what does not need fixing.!!!!

  13. visited yesterday with my children and was extremely disappointed by the rebranded restaurant. menu choice is poor – very little healthy option and only a couple of fish dishes, some food arrived only lukewarm and even the Latte was only just warm enough to drink when it arrived. Service was slopply and slow. Atmosphere chaotic and not at all conducive to eaking out the meal. i shant be returning. what a shame and a waste of money as the old theme was far better

  14. Picked up a menu the other day. Not prepared to risk finding out whether the food is prepared with the same lack of care as the menu.

  15. Bring back fellicini, lovely food, mud crab is over priced and the burgers are not great. Not allowed to eat outside after 5p or run a tab for drinks, waited ages for food. Breakfast looks nice and I will try, but no more dinners!

  16. Where to start,Mud Crab…! rubbish all the way book a table for 4 as a start to my friends birthday it was booked for 9 seated starters drinks order taken 20min later no drinks (after asking 3 time for our drinks) food order taken took 30mins to come the food was ok but no cuttlery or napkins or side plates had to ask took ages,all the mains were poor quility my main was over cooked and far too much salt sent it away and exchanged it for there custom built burgers poor under cooked fries were far to salty even the manager agreed too much salt but did nothing to apart from two free drinks Wow PLEASE give the food a miss over priced cheap food my first and last visit and the service is rubbish too if you want good food go eles where,its rubbish

  17. Have the owners ever been to fergburger in Queenstown, New Zealand. This is where you WILL find the worlds best burgers

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