Greythorn Primary School children get fit with fun runs

Children at Greythorn Primary School in West Bridgford have been setting a good example in their community by joining in an exuberant fun run.

Sally MacDonald, Head Teacher at the school says this is just one part of a series of events planned at the school to help children to embrace a healthier lifestyle. “We do a fun run every year as a fund raiser and to promote the idea that you can have fun whilst exercising.

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But recognising the benefits to health, concentration and well-being it promotes in children we have decided that this year we will have mini fun runs weekly for each class.  Each teacher aims to take their class out for a ten-minute run twice a week.”

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Their most recent run was to raise money for the school fund but the children have also chosen to raise money throughout the year for Water Aid, “The children raise sponsorship money if they can, – but everyone runs whether they are sponsored or not.”

Giya Singh and Millie Litchfield
Giya Singh and Millie Litchfield

When it comes to promoting healthy living, Sally says she leads by example and runs with the children.  “We count up how many laps each class does too and the winning class gets two of our class rewards: a golden ticket! We also have a ‘Healthy Me’ week planned for the spring term when we will have a whole week of activities aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles; including mind and body.”

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Sally says that Greythorn has a dedicated group devoted to fund raising, “One of our teachers runs a group called the ‘Champions of Change’ who are a group of children who worked initially on organising events for Children in Need but who have now widened their net to include other charities.

Emily Charnley and Grace Cooke
Emily Charnley and Grace Cooke

It is something we are passionate about at Greythorn and is part of our vision to create an outward looking school, with children who are developing as healthy, caring citizens of their global and local communities.”