NHS urges at risk groups to get flu jab as virus circulates

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NHS England in Nottinghamshire is reminding people it’s not too late to get a free flu jab if they’re in an ‘at risk’ group.

The best way to protect yourself from flu is to have the flu jab. It’s offered free to those over 65; pregnant women; people with long term conditions and those who care for them. Children between the ages of two and four have also been offered the vaccination.

Ken Deacon, medical director at NHS England (North Midlands) explains why people in ‘at risk’ groups should have the flu jab: “The flu virus is really nasty. It’s not like a common cold that you can normally shake off on a few days. People in ‘at risk’ groups could develop further complications and take longer to recover. It can even be life threatening.

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“We know from what GP practices have told us that not enough people with long term conditions such as heart or lung problems, diabetes or compromised immune systems have had the flu jab. It’s the same for pregnant women, where it offers protection to both mum-to-be and their baby.

“If you are in one of these groups, or know someone is, please encourage them to have the vaccination now that the virus is circulating.”

If you think you’re eligible for the free jab contact your GP practice to see if they’re still offering it. If not most pharmacies will give you the injection and let your GP practice know you’ve had it.

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People who receive Carer’s Allowance can also ask for a free flu jab.

For more information on staying well this winter visit www.nhs.uk/staywell

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