Video: Appeal after man headbutted in unprovoked attack

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Police have released CCTV of the moment a man was assaulted in what appears to have been an unprovoked attack in a pub in Nottinghamshire.

He was enjoying a drink with his wife and three children in the Muskham Ferry in North Muskham, Newark on Saturday 17 June and had gone to the bar when he was pushed and then head butted by another man. It happened just before 9pm.


  1. I am 70+ years of age and in my lifetime I have watched a huge deterioration in interpersonal manners and friendliness.
    I avoid any and all retail, catering and locations where yobboes congregate. When I was in the RAF in the 1960’s my buddies and I often spent a weekend in Nottingham and we went to The Palais de Dance and/or the Sherwood Rooms to meet nice ladies in a civilised environment that was well mannered and polite.
    Those days have vanished without trace.
    All I see these days are streets full of fed-up and angry looking people. If you happen to glance at someone quite misguidedly it creates aggro.
    I have said it before and I will say it again: what is the matter with people these days?

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