West Bridgford Churches Together presents ‘Wildfire’

Through narration, dialogue, eye-witness testimony, toe-tapping melodies, heart-wrenching songs, joyful dance and a myriad of images, you will be taken on a journey back in time to Jerusalem AD70.

by Roger Jones.
Friday 30th June & Saturday 1st July
West Bridgford Baptist Church
Performed by a cast drawn from a cross-section of local churches, this production explores the very beginning of the Christian Church, through the words of St. Luke.
We meet Luke as he is just starting to write his first draft of what has now become the New Testament Book of Acts.

Listen as we retell the story of St. Stephen, the first Christian Martyr, ordered to be stoned to death by the Jewish Leaders, for daring to perform miraculous acts in the name of the risen Messiah.
Explore that truly unexpected conversion of the Christian Hunter Saul, on the Road to Damascus, from the point of view of those travelling with him.
But our story is not restricted solely to historic scenes and ancient events, it resonates throughout the centuries, leading us up to the present day; just as the Christian Church continues to survive and spread across the contemporary world.
Led by our highly experienced production team: Chris and Jane McDouall (music), Jae and Neil Marriott (drama) and Ali Biller (dance) this promises to be an exciting, inventive and truly memorable production.
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