West Bridgford School wins Rushcliffe Sports School of the year for second year running

Members of the West Bridgford U-19 Netball Team receive the award on behalf of the school.
Members of the West Bridgford U-19 Netball Team receive the award on behalf of the school.

Staff and pupils at West Bridgford School are delighted with the news that it they have succeeded in being awarded the prestigious ‘Dave Bullas Rushcliffe Sports School of the Year Award’ for the second year in a row.

Many factors contributed to the win, however being the only secondary school in the Rushcliffe area to be awarded the ‘Gold-Award’ level of the Sainsburys School Sports Mark played a major part.

On any evening in the week the school could have more than a dozen teams out playing competitive sport, both at home and away.

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In a standard week, up to 900 children stay after school to take part in extra-curricular sporting activities.

Emily Townsend, Junior Volunteer of the Year.
Emily Townsend, Junior Volunteer of the Year.

This is only possible due to the hard work of the school PE department, who not only run their teams after school, but also take children out to sporting events at the weekend.

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Students see the commitment the staff put into running the teams and activities in the school, and are committed to ‘paying it forward’ via the National Youth Sports Trust Sports Leaders Award.

Mr Malcolm Kemp, who runs the scheme in the school, said ‘Last year more than 3000 hours were volunteered by older students, to help run activities for younger students and the next generation of sports people at local primary schools – it’s just amazing’.

The West Bridgford students currently top the national ‘Lead 2’ league table for hours volunteered in a school.

As an individual example of dedicated service, Emily Townsend (16) won the ‘Junior Volunteer of the Year Award’ for the huge amount of time she has dedicated to high quality sports coaching.

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Her nearest competition for the award was Adia Quiggin(17) who also attends West Bridgford. Mr Rob McDonough, Principal at the school said ‘West Bridgford School may be better known for academic excellence, rather than its sporting endeavours. However it is wonderful to see dedication to sport, by both staff and pupils, has been rewarded with this prestigious award.

The sports volunteers, who contribute so much to their local community, are a particular example to us all’.