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Coronavirus data: The spread of the disease in interactive maps and charts


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Updated 30 September – Coronavirus data – Interactive maps and charts showing details on the spread of the virus across the world.

– Hover / touch or use search bars to find country on charts / tables
– Some charts use dropdowns
– On mobile phones – turning to landscape expands charts to readable size
– On maps – hover / touch to see popups

Coronavirus data

Growth trajectories in cases and deaths

Breakdown of impacts by country

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Searchable line chart with linear/log toggle

World map of cases and deaths, with timeline

Europe-focused map of cases and deaths, with timeline

Table of reported cases by country – with progress bar

    • Numbers for confirmed/reported cases are meaningful only in a limited way since most cases have not been confirmed and most confirmed cases have recovered. Hence many of the graphics above start with a view of deaths rather than cases.

Coronavirus Data – Nottinghamshire