Wednesday 21 February 2024
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1,000 litres of stolen fuel recovered after police drone deployed

Police officers investigating reports of quad bike riders allegedly stealing fuel uncovered nearly 1,000 litres of stolen diesel.

Following tracks left by the bikes heading into wooded areas and views from the force’s drone team, the officers refused to give up in their search for the suspected offenders.

After being alerted to the thefts at around 2 am in the early hours of Tuesday 4 July it wasn’t long before they found 37 drums all stacked high against a wall in Galway Road, Bircotes.

Officers also uncovered a crowbar close by.

A man, aged 23, was arrested on suspicion of theft from a motor vehicle.

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He has since been bailed with conditions while inquiries continue.

Less than 24 hours later, officers responded to another report of diesel theft occurring in Snape Lane, Harworth, just before 12.25am, on Wednesday (5 July).

While the PCs were gathering information and speaking to the victim, the suspects then reportedly returned on a quad bike before throwing a brick at one of the officers.

The brick narrowly missed a PC’s head before smashing into the window of the police car.

Inquiries remain ongoing to catch those responsible.

Inspector Hayley Crawford, District Commander for Bassetlaw, said: “Thankfully the officer was not seriously injured but by throwing a brick at her head – this could have caused serious injury.

“We are intent on catching those causing misery for drivers and businesses in the area and are responding to reports and concerns but none of my officers should be put in harm’s way because they are simply doing their job.

“When it comes to tackling fuel theft we don’t just have boots on the ground to find these offenders but also have our eyes in the sky with the drone team – making it easier for us to locate suspects.

“Officers in this incident trawled through wooded areas refusing to give up on finding the missing fuel or the quad bikes.

“Fuel theft and diesel syphoning is something that we are determined to put a stop to and we’re committed to catching those who are blighting our communities and farmers.

“When it comes to tackling fuel theft the more help we can get from the public the better – your information or snippets of knowledge could help us put a stop to the next farm or lorry being targeted.”

If you have any information on fuel theft and those committing the crimes you can report it by calling 101, or by making an anonymous report to Crimestoppers.

In an emergency always dial 999.

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