Tuesday 23 July 2024
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130-home development in Nottingham approved despite concerns

A new 130-home development will be built in Nottingham despite concerns over traffic on nearby roads.

Strata Homes submitted plans to build the properties on 14 acres of land next to Westbury Academy.

The plans were approved unanimously at a Nottingham City Council planning committee meeting on April 19.

The site sits in the middle of Chingford Road to the south, Westbury Academy to the south-east, Denewood Crescent to the east, Yatesbury Crescent to the north and Wigman Road to the west.

The land is currently owned by the City Council.

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Cllr Graham Chapman said during the meeting: “We have got a housing crisis in the city, although people never want houses to be built next to them, sometimes you’ve got to do it.

“I know this area well and my concern is people want to upgrade and they tend to do that in the city because there aren’t adequate types of housing in the area.

“I do think we need private sector housing there.

“Reluctantly, I will probably agree to this scheme even though locally it won’t be that popular.

“There are some genuine issues we’ve got to take into account.

“The one that will hit them [current residents] most is the boundary fencing and the quality of it.

“I’ve noticed from one of the objections asking for high fencing because they will want privacy. At the moment they look out onto green space.”

Cllr Sally Longford added: “I welcome the biodiversity situation here and I hope the opportunities will be maximised.

“I am wondering why they’re not going for air source heat pumps. We should be moving away from gas.”

The developer notified 188 neighbouring properties of the proposed development, resulting in seven objections.

Concerns raised include fears over heavy traffic in Strelley Road and Wigman Road.

Responding to the concerns raised, city planning officers said that a transport assessment demonstrates that the development would have a “negligible impact” on nearby roads.

The developer has agreed that 20 per cent of housing on the site will be deemed affordable, while a financial contribution of £63,885 will be given towards local employment and training, as well as a further £390,427 towards secondary school provision.

Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) NHS Trust has also made a request for a contribution of £145,853 to meet patient demand arising from the development.

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