Tuesday 16 August 2022
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Pictures: £150,000 cannabis grows discovered in Bestwood and Bulwell

More than 250 cannabis plants were seized this week after successful warrants by local policing teams.

The plants, estimated to be worth around £150,000 on the street, were spotted by the City North Operation Reacher team, Neighbourhoods Policing Team and the Cannabis Dismantling Team after they joined together to intercept cannabis grows in two residential properties in the Bestwood and Bulwell area.


The electricity had been by-passed in both properties, one in Kingsmoor Close, Bestwood, and the other in Potters Hollow, Bulwell, which itself posed a significant fire risk.

Once the electrics had been made safe, the grows were dismantled and burnt sockets were exposed, which still had electrical equipment connected and highlighted just how dangerous this setup was. The properties have now been made safe and the plants have been taken away. Sophisticated equipment used to produce cannabis has also been destroyed.A man was also arrested during the warrants.


City North Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Christine Busuttil said: “This is a fantastic effort from the local teams involved and the cannabis dismantling team.

“Disrupting the production of cannabis is hugely important. It’s the wider effects that are hugely significant, with the very real possibility of this linking and leading to other offences and organised crime.

“Around £150,000 worth of cannabis is now out of the wrong hands and two extremely dangerous fire hazards have been made safe, and we want to remind the community that we are there to listen to their concerns and act upon them.”

Sergeant Keely Shooter, of the City North Reacher team, said: “The Operation Reacher and Neighbourhood Policing Teams are always on the look-out for this type of offence, speaking to people in the area, gathering intelligence and conducting covert and overt operations.

“We have a unique purpose to listen to our community concerns, fight crime and make the area altogether safer and we are absolutely dedicated to this role.”If anyone has concerns in their area or any information about potential criminality in their areas, they should absolutely feel like they can come to talk to us and we would encourage them to call 101 or message their local policing Facebook page.”