Monday 4 March 2024
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20 May: 38 Covid cases in Nottinghamshire over 24 hours – see figures by area

Covid: The latest situation on numbers of cases by Nottinghamshire local authority area.


The figures for Thursday 20 May show 38* new cases ( yesterday 18* ) for Nottinghamshire in the last 24 hours.

PHE message > Revision to historical case data in England

The introduction of a new system disrupted the removal of cases where a positive rapid lateral flow test (LFD) was followed by all negative laboratory (PCR) tests taken within 3 days, as reported earlier this week.

Therefore a further 180 cases have been removed today. Regions and local authorities do not show the actual number of new cases reported. UK and England numbers of newly reported cases have been adjusted and correctly reflect new cases reported. This issue will be ongoing over the next few days.


Brackets = previous day’s number

Ashfield 6* (2)

Bassetlaw 3* (1)

Broxtowe 8* (0)

Gedling 6* (6)

Mansfield 1* (1)

Newark 8* (4)

Nottingham 4* (3)

Rushcliffe 2* (1)

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Note graph below does show exact total by local authority area in Nottinghamshire reported by PHE for 19 May