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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

20 November: Nottingham and Nottinghamshire weekly covid media briefing – mass testing kits, contact tracing and current Covid situation


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Alison Challenger Public Health Director for Nottingham city, Jonathan Gribbin for Nottinghamshire county and Dr Andy Haynes, Dr Andy Haynes, Executive Lead, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System brief the media.


JG – Summary overview – County – Nottinghamshire

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Jonathan said: ‘Across Nottinghamshire- most areas have seen reductions in the Covid infection rate for some time – City reductions started over a month ago – and are currently in a sustained situation.

County – Covid cases peaked on 4 November – reduced since – but still high in some areas.

‘Pleased that for the city, people over 60 years old sustained decrease over several weeks

‘But in county – we are yet to see rates decrease in people who are over 60 – sharp rises to 4 November – decrease for five days or so – that was then interrupted and we are seeing a slight increase in people over 60.

‘In county for time being I remain very concerned about rates in over 60s group

AC –  ‘City overall reduction brings us under the England average which is pleasing – cases are still high though at 261 -per 100,000 – it is still high – we can’t be complacent and it is encouraging but will take more time to see it reduce to enable NHS to cope. Over 60s close to average rate and has come down but needs to come down more.

’23-59 ages still quite high.

‘All areas of Nottingham city seeing a decline in overall rates, need to see a bigger reduction before end of lockdown.

Dr Haynes

‘450 beds occupied for last three weeks – plateau is different to first wave – there is still huge pressure on hospitals and wider care system will continue throughout the rest of lockdown.

‘Vaccine – Optimistic that we will have vaccines for vulnerable groups this year. Flu vaccinations this week 17000 – last week 25000 people – flu programme twice as big as it has ever been.

Advertising roles this week paid roles top to £20 per hour for people to help vaccinate people.

Q – Test and trace – 53% of contacts traced in Nottinghamshire. What next to improve?

‘Possible partnerships with district and borough councils to try to improve contact tracing.’

AC – ‘We need to reach more people – local system picking up some contacts.’

Q – Mass testing – Have kits been received?

JG -‘ County expects to receive lateral flow tests today – looking at families to visit care homes – need more work first – meantime – Nottinghamshire homeless could be tested.’