Wednesday 21 February 2024
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£25,000 repairs approved for Bramcote Leisure Centre

£25,000 will be earmarked for essential repairs to the roof of a Nottinghamshire leisure centre which was once being considered for demolition.

Broxtowe Borough Council agreed that the £25,000 would be used to replace a section of the roof over the gym at Bramcote Leisure Centre and a further £7,000 for lift equipment replacement.

The council owns the leisure centre, based in Derby Road, which is run by LLeisure. It has a swimming pool with slides, a gym and a spa.


Back in 2019, the council considered demolishing the centre after £140,000 had been committed for repairs.

A council document stated the improvement funds, totalling £32,000, are “likely to be funded by borrowing”.

It said: “The total cost of the flat roof replacement required at Bramcote Leisure Centre is £175,000. This is currently unfunded, as are many other capital repairs at Bramcote, pending the outcome of the leisure facilities strategy and the availability of funds.

“The gym is an important income generator for Bramcote Leisure Centre and it is therefore considered essential that £25,000 be allocated to undertake major repair of at least that section of flat roof.”

The Finance and Resources Committee document stated that the roof “has now deteriorated to the point where it can no longer be patched”.

The public lift will also be replaced to the tune of £7,000 to ensure that disabled people and people who cannot use the stairs can still access the facility.