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28 parked cars clamped in first two days at tram Park & Ride

A tram boss said there is “no excuse” for bad parking at The Forest Park and Ride after the clamping of vehicles was introduced to punish drivers.

The operator of Nottingham’s tram network says some motorists are using the Park and Ride for overnight parking, or are parking in disabled bays without blue badges.

Others are parking on walkways instead of inside parking spaces.

There are 972 parking spaces at the site and, according to Trevor Stocker, the head of operations for Nottingham Trams Ltd, a number of these are being used “unsafely”.

All the spaces are only meant to be used by people who have arrived in order to get on the tram.

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A new 24-hour parking enforcement plan now covers the site. The new rules came into force on Monday October 17.

If the new rules are broken, motorists face being clamped and even having vehicles towed.

Mr Stocker said staff clamped 28 vehicles and issued more than 40 warning notices in the first two days alone.

The removal of a wheel clamp costs £140 and if a vehicle is removed from the site, recovery of the vehicle would cost £200 with an extra £35 per day storage charge.

The move was discussed during a Nottingham City Council meeting at Loxley House on Tuesday, October 25.

Mr Stocker said people who are parking at the site without using the tram are also being targeted.

Towing is a “last resort” but it is also an option available, he said.

Tim Hesketh, Chief Executive Officer at Tramlink Nottingham Limited said: “We are aware that a large number of people using the Forest are not using the trams.

“I joined the firm 18 months ago and Forest car park has been a problem with overcrowding, overuse and abuse since day one.

“This is the first step along the passage to resolving that challenge.

“Fundamentally the first point of attack is the safety issues of people parking on footpaths, in pedestrian areas or in cross-hatchings.

“Ironically people don’t think it’s okay to park outside a blue badge space but they do think it’s okay to park on the footpath.

“I went down on Thursday last week and the car park was 40 per cent empty and yet people were still parking on cross-hatchings and red footpaths.

“We also saw someone park on the footpath next to three clamped cars and walk away, not towards the trams.”

Mr Hesketh said after Goose Fair, the white lining was remarked across the car park.

He added: “There is no excuse, everything is bright white.

“You couldn’t argue that you didn’t know there were parking bays because they stand out.

“We have been in conversation with parking management firms. We’re looking for a way that people can demonstrate that they have used the tram.

“We do find on local businesses websites on the ‘how to get here’ page advising people to park at the park and ride and walk from there. We’ve got a campaign coming up targeting these people and saying please remove this from your website.

“They are encouraging people to break the law. It’s a challenge but this is what we’re here for.”

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