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50 new homes could be built on Abbey Road council depot site


As part of Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Local Plan Part 2 – up to 50 new homes could be built on the council site on Abbey Road in West Bridgford. 

The Local Plan sets out that there will be a minimum of 13,150 homes between 2011 and 2028 (774 per annum), which will increase Rushcliffe’s housing stock from 47,350 in 2011 to 60,500 in 2028 (28% increase).

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The Local Plan Part 2 (Land and Planning Policies) is the second part of the Local Plan. It will identify non-strategic allocations and designations in the Borough. It will also set out more detailed policies (sitting below the Core Strategy’s more strategic level policies) for use in the determination of planning applications.

The plan states in connection with Abbey Road;

‘The Abbey Road Depot site, however, is yet to secure residential planning permission. The site lies within the main built up area and is classified as previously developed land meaning its redevelopment for housing is in principle acceptable.

‘There are no constraints affecting the site that it is believed cannot be reasonably addressed. In order to support redevelopment of the site it is therefore recommended that it is identified as a proposed allocation for housing.

‘The site is estimated to have capacity for around 50 dwellings.’

Local Plan Part 2 will be discussed in meetings this week, the recommendation is to support the plan.


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More on Local Plan 2 soon.



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