Monday 25 September 2023
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60 Bonfire Night incidents across Nottinghamshire overnight

There were over 60 bonfire night-related reports attended by officers across the county yesterday evening, including another incident where fireworks were aimed at them.

A police car was hit by a firework in the incident, which happened at the Forest Recreation Ground just before 11.45pm. No one was injured.

Neighbourhood Inspector Christine Busuttil said: “It is really upsetting to see a small minority of people are willing to put both police officers’ lives at risk by aiming fireworks at them. This is completely irresponsible and incredibly dangerous.

“Those present were being doubly reckless, not only in their use of fireworks but because they were disregarding the rules on coronavirus.

“We come to work so that we can keep other people safe – even when that means putting ourselves and potentially our families at risk. It beggars belief that anyone would seek to put emergency workers at further danger, as well as risking the lives of their neighbours with their irresponsible behaviour.

◉ Youths throw fireworks and bottles at police officers as they were breaking up illegal gathering in Nottingham

“We will do everything we can and use the fullest extent of our powers to hold those responsible to account. There will be proactive patrols in the area over the weekend.”

The issues in Top Valley follow problems on 4 November, when a moped was set on fire and an officer broke their thumb after fireworks, bricks and stone were thrown at police. The investigations into the disorder are ongoing.

A dispersal order is in place until 4pm on Sunday (8 November), meaning that people can be asked to leave the area and be arrested if they refuse to do so or if they return within the allotted time period.