£960,000 revamp for Haddon Primary School

Shush please in the new library! L-R: Lacey Duber, Jack Balchin, Sophie Harrison and Macey-Mae Montague are enjoying their new school library and its colourful furniture.

Children at Haddon Primary School, in Carlton have started their 2018 school year in sparkling new classrooms!

The school in Carlton is undergoing a £960,000 re-vamp with new classrooms, meeting and support rooms, updated toilet facilities and a new library. The school’s previous design, said Head Teacher Nina Capek, was an impractical open plan design which made the school noisy and outdated. “Finally, the children of Haddon are getting the facilities they deserve, and we are already seeing that the improved environment is having a positive effect on everyone, particularly in regard to teaching and learning.

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The new classrooms have vastly improved our previous problems of sound travelling through the building, now we have wonderfully quiet and calm corridors and each classroom is carefully designed to optimise its use for the children. Lessons can now be far more exciting as we no longer need to worry about lack of space or disturbing the other classes. We are all very excited about the future at Haddon and both the staff and pupils will thrive in the new building and learning spaces.  Now we can really start to dream big and aim high!”

Pupil Emaan Khan is 8 years old and said, “I think its really good, its much bigger and better! I really like my classroom and I think I will learn better because the building is quieter with the new doors and windows. I think the teachers are happy too!” Fellow pupil Alex Aliu (age 8 years) is also excited about the changes. “We have got a lot of space now. In our old classrooms it was noisy, and the furniture was old. This is much nicer!”

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Responsible for the upkeep of the new rooms, Site Manager, Stuart Charlton is also seeing the benefits. “The school has better floors now making it easier much to clean, the clutter is gone, and the new painted walls won’t need scrubbing down! The whole school is much brighter with new furniture throughout. In fact, we are so proud of the new classrooms and the pupils are so keen to keep everything tidy, we are going to introduce a ‘Golden Dustpan Award’ each week.”

Stuart says the best part for him is the addition of wall and doors separating the classrooms, which the school lacked before in its open plan design.  “I must say that my favourite part is doors, doors, doors! Now we have separate areas, making the job of cleaning easier and the new floors in the corridors are much easier to maintain.”

Haddon Primary School is a member of Nottinghamshire’s premier primary multi-academy trust, The Flying High Trust, and its Project Manager, Nick Layfield said, “We are delighted with the improvements being made to the buildings at Haddon Primary School and that the children and staff now have a fit for purpose school they can take pride in. Everyone has really pulled together to minimise any disruption during the work and all of the careful planning is paying off. The children are getting a brand new and inspiring environment that they thoroughly deserve and can thrive in.”

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Daisy Blake age 8 years said everyone seems a lot happier now. “I really like the new chairs and tables, they are really comfortable. All of the windows and doors are different than before and better, and we are putting up really nice displays as well. The Teachers are happy too and we are finding the best places to put everything to make it as nice as possible. I think we can do better work now because it’s so nice and tidy and you don’t have to worry about any mess. I am happy for the teachers too, they are all nice and I would find it difficult to pick just one teacher as my favourite!”