Sunday 14 July 2024
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A day in the life of a Nottinghamshire Police detective

A detective has revealed how no day is the same as the last in her dynamic role in helping vulnerable victims of crime.

Detective Constable Stacey Hardstaff described life as an investigator as very different to how the job is portrayed in TV dramas – but no less exciting or rewarding as a career.

She says her role in Adults-Public Protection (PP) at Nottinghamshire Police is all about meeting people, gaining their trust and supporting them.

“On the television, detectives spend most of their time at their desks or interviewing suspects but that’s not how it really is,” Det Con Hardstaff said.

“It is such a challenging and rewarding job and all about dealing with people. We are helping some of the most vulnerable people in society and keeping them safe.

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“To be able to tell a victim that an offender has been charged and remanded and seeing their reaction is such a great feeling.”

Det Con Hardstaff was a PCSO and response officer before moving to the SEIU (Sexual Exploitation Investigation Unit) and then Adults-PP.

“I enjoyed being in response but it is great in my current role to be able to see jobs through to a conclusion,” she said.

“I was determined to do something dynamic and challenging.

“It can be really hard work but there is huge job satisfaction. I recently did a 20-hour shift as we had someone in custody for a high-risk domestic, robbery and multiple assaults.

“It was very much all hands on deck and I spent six hours seeking a charge. I don’t think people always understand the work that goes into securing a charge and the number of agencies that are involved.

“On television, it happens with one phone call but far more goes into it in reality.

“As an outcome, though it is so rewarding to be able to tell a victim you have been successful. I want to be able to see things all the way through to court as an investigator.

“I also think it is important detectives move around departments and gain as many strings to their bow as they can.

“In PP, victims report incidents to us and really want our help, which is different to a lot of CID work. It can make the job hugely satisfying and a real privilege.”

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