6.2 C
West Bridgford
Sunday, February 23, 2020

A52 lane reopens: Nottingham bus services changes – 4:30 pm 12 February


Highways England have re-opened one lane on Clifton Bridge towards Clifton, which will ease some of the congestion. The slip road from Queens Drive remains closed.

Grey 53, 54 towards Clifton will continue on the Ring Road and no longer divert via Trent Bridge, but are unable to serve QMC Medical School, Dunkirk or Clifton Bridge North stops.

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Navy 48/X towards Clifton continue to divert via Trent Bridge and Wilford Lane.

Delays are still expected across all services over the next few weeks, especially on Navy, Green, Pink, Orange and Grey Lines.

Due to Wilford Grove being at a standstill again, Green 11 is diverting both ways via Meadows Way.

Due to the closure of Crocus Street, Navy 49/A towards City are using Meadows Way West to Arkwright Street and not serving NG2, the old Homebase stop, Portland Business Park or Waterway Street stops.

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