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Abbey Road Primary School launches readathon for outdoor reading area

The school is reaching out to any local businesses and companies who would like to support, donate or sponsor their initiative


Abbey Road Primary School has been continuing to raise the profile of reading for pleasure, last month it launched a sponsored readathon.

The school hopes to raise enough money to provide the children with an outdoor reading area, as this had been a recurring request from the children during pupil conferences.

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As there is no school library, they saw this as a great opportunity to see children gathering together around a love of books.

The area designated to be improved as a reading space

As you can imagine, with the state of current school budgets across the UK, it’s not always possible to make these brilliant ideas a reality.

However, as a school, Abbey Road recognised the power that reading has for all of the pupils.

They hope to raise money in order to see this area come to life: creating reading sheds, comfortable seating, plants and most importantly a shelter to make it accessible all year round.

The target they have set (staff and pupils) is to read for 1000 hours across four days- each day bringing a new reading challenge: Monday a whole school continuous reading relay; Tuesday reading under the tables; Wednesday shared stories with teachers; and Thursday a big World Book Day celebration.

All of these reading adventures were made even more exciting, by spontaneous visits from Mrs Toom (the headteacher) and Mrs Horton (the deputy) who wore magical hats, and play a magical tune, which alerted everyone in school to ‘Drop Everything And Read.’

At the end of the week, they had reading for a total of 1485 hours and raised a staggering £6,024 towards our new reading area. They held a design competition to see what they would like the new reading space to look like.

The school is reaching out to any local businesses and companies who would like to support, donate or sponsor or help make creative ideas come to life at Abbey Road Primary School.

This is just the beginning of the reading adventure, and it is hoped that people within the community would like to come along on the magic that is in store.

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