Abbey Road Primary School ‘Powers Up’ with E.ON

Energy company E.ON has launched its brand new ‘Power Up’ activity for primary school pupils in Nottingham, with performances of the interactive play at 20 of the city’s schools, including Abbey Road Primary in West Bridgford, across two weeks.


Set in the year 2050 and with the Earth’s vital resources running out and electricity in limited supply, the characters Mandy Megawatt and DJ Kilowatt lead pupils on a journey back in time to 2017 to investigate how behavioural changes now might prevent power rationing becoming necessary for future generations.

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The play has been designed to be interactive and pupils are asked to consider how they use energy at home and to think about any ways they may be wasting energy. The boldest participants get to take part in an energy-saving assault course, with others dressing in layers of winter clothes to demonstrate the effectiveness of insulation.

This new schools activity forms part of E.ON’s commitment to supporting communities across the UK with educational activities about saving energy and smarter energy solutions.

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Alison Gibson, Senior Community Relations Executive at E.ON, said: “With around 5,000 E.ON employees working and living in Nottingham, it made sense for us to bring our new Power Up initiative to schools right here in the city. Many of the schools taking part are attended by colleagues’ children, and we’re keen to offer this educational support in a city of real importance to E.ON.


“We’re delighted with how well Power Up has been received in Nottingham, with reports of pupils really getting involved with the actors and the performances. We hope that by delivering important energy saving messages in an entertaining and light hearted way these children will remember the little things they can do each day to ensure they’re not using more energy than they need to at home.”

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Tina Horton, Deputy Head Teacher at Abbey Road Primary School, said: “Our children always respond well to things that are presented in a creative and they were enthused by the idea of a time machine and travelling backwards and forwards in time. It was a fun way to get them thinking about how we can help to conserve energy and the potential consequences of not using power wisely at home.”


Power Up forms part of E.ON’s broader educational activities, developed to help teach children about where energy comes from and how it is used in our everyday lives.  E.ON offers a range of educational workshops through its Energise Anything programme, which also includes online parent and classroom-based activities. These support the national curriculum and have been designed to help pupils aged 5-16 understand all stages of energy production, distribution and consumption. Full details and resources can be found at: