Wednesday 12 June 2024
15.5 C

All Nottingham tram services withdrawn after communication failure

NET announced the disruption at 10:27 pm on Saturday 21 October.

NET said:

‘Due to a communication failure, we are withdrawing all tram services. Tram tickets and passes will be accepted on any of the NCT buses’

During a disruption, if we are unable to run to all destinations, we will do our best to ensure onward travel by seeking permission for tram tickets and passes to be accepted on selected NCT bus services.

Although not all tram stops are within close proximity to NCT bus stops, there are many stops within a short walking distance of the tram network.

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Below you’ll find helpful information and links to bus stops near each tram stop on our tram network.

Mini maps within our tram stop shelters also detail the nearest bus stops.

Please note, tram tickets and passes will NOT be accepted on NCT buses without an additional charge unless we have been granted permission from NCT. We will advertise this via our social media channels, our NET GO! app service status page, our website, public information displays and announcements. If you need more information, please use the help point on the platform or send a WhatsApp to the customer relations team at 0115 8246060.

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