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Anger among Edwalton Fields Estate residents as developers fail to empty bins and clean up

Residents of Edwalton Fields Estate are seething with frustration as the pristine condition of their newly inaugurated community park is marred by overflowing litter bins.

Residents say that despite numerous complaints and pleas for action, Vistry, the local developer responsible for the park’s maintenance, has turned a deaf ear to their concerns, igniting a wave of discontent among locals.

The land isn’t the responsibility of Rushcliffe Borough Council.

The issue first surfaced shortly after the park’s grand opening event, orchestrated by Vistry to much fanfare.


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However, the celebratory atmosphere quickly soured as residents began to notice the mounting piles of rubbish accumulating around the overflowing bins.

Despite assurances during the inauguration that Vistry would assume responsibility for the park’s upkeep until management transitioned to a dedicated company, the reality seems to have fallen far short of expectations.


Repeated emails from residents and local councillors, including Hetvi Parekh and Gordon Wheeler, have fallen on deaf ears at the Vistry site in Edwalton, say members of the community.

Residents spoke to us about the issues at the park today.



Despite being directly approached about the matter, they say that ‘Vistry has chosen to adopt a stance of indifference, refusing to acknowledge their obligations to the community.’

A spokesperson for the residents said:

‘The neglect of the litter problem not only reflects poorly on Vistry’s commitment to environmental sustainability but also raises questions about its broader social responsibility.

‘As plans for further development in Rushcliffe loom on the horizon, residents are left wondering whether Vistry is willing to prioritise the well-being of the communities it affects or merely focus on maximising profits.

‘Despite the outcry, Vistry still hasn’t taken proactive measures to keep the park clean, leaving locals feeling disillusioned and neglected.

‘With the spectre of additional construction looming, the question of Vistry’s social responsibility has never been more pertinent.

‘What will it take for the developer to heed the concerns of residents and uphold its obligations to maintain a clean and inviting environment? Until Vistry takes decisive action, the anger amongst Edwalton Fields Estate residents is unlikely to dissipate anytime soon.’

Others shared their views on social media:

One said five days ago: ‘Just back from the park and was ready to post about it, since the opening of the park the bin is overflowing with rubbish, a black rubbish bag next to it and next to where kids play…who is responsible for the park’s maintenance?’

Another added:

‘The very first time we came to visit the new park this morning, and its a little disappointing to see that rubbish is everywhere.’

And a third said:

‘Just had a walk up past the new park!!! Cannot believe the bin there is overflowing with dog poo bags etc. all for the little ones to touch, pick up etc!?!?!??’

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Vistry has been contacted for comment.

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