Another £1.27m for Nottinghamshire’s ‘unclassified roads’ potholes

Plans to improve the condition of the county’s roads received a further boost today (Thursday 20 July).

Nottinghamshire County Council’s community and place committee agreed an additional £1.27m funding to be spent on the county’s 1,500 miles of unclassified roads following feedback from Nottinghamshire residents.

This is in addition to the £1m funding recently earmarked to repair potholes across the county’s network, bringing the total amount of additional funding for potholes in 2017/18 by this administration to £2.27m.

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Councillor John Cottee, Committee Chairman for communities and place saw patching and resurfacing in action earlier this week when he visited the newly-patched Swabbs Lane in Owthorpe, as a good example of the type of rural road set to benefit from the additional £1.27m funding. He said:

“We know that investing in a good quality road network is important to local people which is why last month we allocated £1m worth of extra money which boosted the budget for road repairs by around 30 per cent.

“Things are now moving to the next stage as this additional £1.27m funding will be specifically used on a programme of patching and resurfacing on the county’s unclassified roads. Many of them are in urgent need of attention as it’s often the case that the county’s main roads benefit from repair work.

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“Motorists can continue to play a really important role in helping us identify the roads in greatest need of repair by reporting them on our website or with their local county councillor.”

You can report a pothole on the County Council’s website at

Currently the Council spends around £2.5m a year on pothole repairs, which includes £1.17m from the Government’s Pothole Fund, announced in December 2016. The County’s highways network is managed by Via East Midlands on behalf of the County Council.

A detailed programme of where the repair and patching work will specifically take place until the end of March 2018 is currently being reviewed and is due to be finalised in August 2017.

As well as agreeing this latest pothole funding today, Nottinghamshire County councillors pushed ahead with a revised £28.176m programme of improvements for 2017/8 to help boost the County’s highways and transport infrastructure.

The total budget for highways infrastructure improvements for the financial year is £28.176m, which includes Government funds worth more than £3m as well as £2.58m earmarked from the local growth fund via D2N2.

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Councillor Cottee continued:

“As well as being committed to investing in our 2,600 miles worth of highways, our public transport and cycle networks are of course vital, which is why we think our proposed programme makes the best use of budgets as well as offering a sensible balance of schemes to benefit all of our residents whether they be a road user, use the bus or prefer to walk or cycle.

“We have been careful in making sure our plans help meet our local priorities, as well as national transport priorities of helping reduce journey times to help boost the local and wider economy.”

Planned budget spend for 2017/8 includes:

• Major schemes worth £2m, including towards the Hucknall Town Centre Improvement scheme.
• Integrated transport programme worth £6.3m which includes bus and rail improvements, new cycle routes, traffic signal and junction improvements to help reduce congestion.
• Highways maintenance worth £19.8m (including additional £1m of resurfacing funding) to also help maintain bridges, flood alleviation and street lighting for example.