Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Apartments planned for former Nottinghamshire church site

Councillors are set to decide on plans for modern apartments to be built on the site of a former church.

There are plans for nine apartments in Grove Street, Beeston, where the demolished New Jerusalem Church used to stand.

Applicant Nottingham Developments Ltd applied to Broxtowe Borough Council to build the one and two bedroom flats.


A number of residents have objected to the plans, but officers say the impact on neighbours are outweighed by the benefits of the development.

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In total 15 objections were sent to the council on grounds of loss of privacy, noise and disturbance and parking.

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There was also criticism of the design which was described as ‘boxy’ and not in keeping with the area.


But council papers stated that “the appearance of a new development should not have to replicate the traditional design of neighbouring properties for it to be acceptable”.

Darren Henry, MP for Broxtowe, emailed the council requesting a response
to a neighbour’s concerns in regards to the impact the building would have on
their property.

The authority said the plans were amended accordingly with neighbour concerns.

Eight parking spaces will be provided in total.

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Planning officers recommend that the application is approved during the meeting on November 2.

Council documents state: “The benefits of the proposal are that it would provide nine additional homes within an existing urban area and would support short term benefits such as jobs during the construction of the proposed dwellings and would be in accordance with policies contained within the development plan.

“Whilst it is acknowledged there will be some impact on the amenity of neighbours, this is outweighed by the benefits of the scheme and due to its location within a sustainable area.”

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