ASDA West Bridgford: Pharmacy staff and customer praised by resident

A resident would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to staff and a customer at ASDA West Bridgford who went ‘above and beyond’ when she blacked out on an escalator in the store.

Dalenda Ghouti from West Bridgford is 27 weeks’ pregnant. She was in the store today at around 11:00 am with her two-year-old when she ‘blacked out’.

Dalenda said: ‘I made a bee-line for the pharmacy because I thought I would faint, you would expect store staff to assist, but the staff went far above the call of duty in my opinion. I think they deserve some kind of recognition.’

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‘They found a nurse who was a customer, and plied me with tea and biscuits to make sure my blood pressure got back to healthy levels.’

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A member of ASDA staff then packed all her shopping up, and drove her safely home!

Dalenda added, ‘I can’t believe how kind some people can be, it really restores your faith in humanity! Always a faithful Asda customer I will definitely not be switching – now more than ever!’

The customer was called Jo, who works at QMC – the pharmacy lady Rosie, and another lady at the pharmacy whose name Dalenda didn’t get.

If the ASDA store manager reads this feel free to get in touch with us.