Tuesday 23 April 2024
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Average Speed Cameras for busy Nottingham city road a step closer

Nottingham City Council is proposing to implement a range of measures to improve road safety, as well as pedestrian and cycle links, on Derby Road between Canning Circus and Lenton Boulevard.

The council received 201 response to the plans, 85% were in favour of the plans.


These measures will be funded through the Active Travel Fund and Transforming Cities Fund, and include:

  • Install average speed cameras between Canning Circus and Lenton Boulevard
  • Upgrade two existing puffin crossings near Harlaxton Drive and Park Street to toucan crossings (for use by pedestrians and cyclists)
  • Install a new toucan crossing to the south of Derby Grove
  • Provide cycle awareness features at a number of the outbound side roads, including green surfacing and improved signing and lining
  • Increase the size of three existing central refuges to provide more capacity for groups of pedestrians to wait safely
  • Make a number of alterations at and around the car park access to Sainsbury’s to improve safety. Proposed measures include narrowing the access, providing a different surface material to highlight the vehicle access, and improved road markings including a cycle awareness feature
  • Exploring options to improve pedestrian crossing facilities at the junction with Lenton Boulevard.

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