Balance a busy life and still contribute to your community

Newton Parish Councillors Yvonne Stephenson and Isabel Shouler
Newton Parish Councillors Yvonne Stephenson and Isabel Shouler

Two Parish Councillors have highlighted how they balance their roles with busy home lives to still contribute to their community, ahead of this May’s Parish and Town Council elections.

Newton Parish Councillors Isabel Shouler and Yvonne Stephenson are encouraging other prospective candidates to represent their local communities, showcasing that individuals can dedicate the hours they choose to a role.

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They chatted to Rushcliffe Borough Council in a recent social media video, explaining how the demands of Parish or Town Councillor positions can be met alongside family responsibilities.
Cllr Isabel Shouler reassured prospective candidates that her many pre-existing commitments did not prevent her from becoming a councillor.

She said: “I enquired with the Parish Council about how I could influence the decisions that were being made and they basically said that I needed to join the council – so I did!

“Initially, I was concerned about the time I would need to dedicate to meetings, but I’ve actually managed to get involved in extra projects, despite a full-time job and three young children.”

Cllr Yvonne Stephenson echoed her thoughts, explaining the role suits her because many meetings take place outside of working hours.

She said: “It can be as much or as little as you want it to be – there are 10 meetings a year which essentially last a couple of hours each.
“Outside of meetings, the hours you dedicate as a Parish Councillor can vary greatly depending on the types of projects that you choose to work on, and the time you are able to give.”

Rushcliffe Borough Council oversees Parish and Town Council elections and is currently appealing for more individuals across the Borough to stand and represent their communities at local elections in May.

To stand as a councillor is straight forward and takes no longer than an hour to complete all the relevant paperwork.

Prospective candidates can now request a nominations pack by emailing or calling 0115 914 8515 for arrival in March.