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BBC Two Hospital Episode 6: What to expect in the final episode


The sixth and final episode of ‘Hospital’ is all about the life and death decisions in the Major Trauma Centre and our care for emergency patients.

Fifty-one-year old Ruth has a thoracic disc pressing on her spinal cord, which if left untreated, could cause paralysis. It’s a very rare condition, affecting just one in a million people. Her operation has been cancelled once before due to a lack of a critical care bed.

The trauma team deal with two patients who have been involved in a serious road traffic accident. Ravi, 29, has been run over by the side of the road as he came to the aid of George, 89, who had himself been involved in a serious crash. Both have potentially life-threatening injuries.

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Joe, 75, needs an urgent operation to remove part of his pancreas which has a suspected tumour. It is among the highest risk operations; one in 20 patients do not survive. Joe’s daughter Stephanie, supports his decision to go ahead with the high risk surgery but is still extremely concerned, “It goes over and over in your mind, have we made the right choice”

Episode Six: Tonight 1 May BBC 2 9pm