Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Beat officers spot signs of cannabis grow leading to arrests and 150 plants seized

A man has been arrested after police discovered a cannabis grow whilst out on patrol.

The officers were in Portland Street, Mansfield, when they began to get suspicious about a property.

They decided to have a closer look and suspected they could see and hear signs of a cannabis grow.

A man was also believed to be inside.

After knocking and subsequently getting permission, they forced entry into the property and discovered around 150 cannabis plants.

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They also found that the electricity had been bypassed before they came across a man in the loft space.

A 30-year-old man was subsequently arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis following the incident, which happened just before 3.30am on Monday (14 February 2022).

Sergeant Adam Cooper, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “This was an excellent spot by officers on patrol who used their intuition and subsequently discovered a significant amount of class B drugs.

“Work has been ongoing throughout the day to seize and remove the cannabis and it is really positive for the community that this is now out of circulation.

“Possessing controlled drugs in itself is an offence, but it can also be a sign of wider serious organised criminality. This is why we act so robustly and are committed to acting on information around this.

“A man remains in custody and our enquiries into the find are ongoing. We would continue to urge people to come to us with information or concerns about crime in their area through 101 or by speaking directly to local officers.”

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