Beeston Fields Primary & Nursery School donate their Harvest Festival collection to charity

Sue Hillier of Hope House is presented with the food that children at Beeston Fields Primary & Nursery School have collected for Harvest Festival.

Children and families of Beeston Fields Primary & Nursery School have pulled out all the stops in collecting food for their Harvest Festival, all of which is being donated to Hope House Charity. 

Teacher Laura Clarke said the children and their families were a credit to the school. “Everyone has taken part in the collection for such a worthy cause. All of the children, and our School Ambassadors who have helped to organise the collection, have given a lot of thought to the items donated and to thinking of others in need. They have done a wonderful job and we are so proud of their efforts.”

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Pupil Simone Yartey age 9 said it’s important to think about giving to others, “We brought in lots of items for Hope House Charity and now they will give the food to people who are in need. I believe we should all try to donate because we have enough food, and we even waste it sometimes, not thinking about those who don’t have any all.” Fellow pupil Viktoria Farkas age 8 agrees, “I am hoping that the charity people will give the food away. I wanted to bring things in because I like to be kind, being kind is better than being mean because that can hurt people. I brought in some Hungarian style food and also some pasta.”

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Sue Hillier, Volunteer Manager at Hope House Nottingham said she was delighted with the children’s efforts, “We have a food bank which is open four days a week where people in need, in financial crisis, can come for a food parcel. Each parcel contains four days’ worth of food and all of this that the children have collected will become a part of that supply.

“It’s very encouraging to see the collection and we are grateful for their generosity. It would be wonderful if in the future we could get things so right that we don’t need food banks, but for now, we have many generous donations and they are all helping to supply our food banks around the city.”