Saturday 4 December 2021
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BOUNDARY CHANGES: Commission’s report sees new North Rushcliffe and Clifton constituency proposed

The Boundary Commission for England has today published its final recommendations for new constituency boundaries. This follows submission of its final report to Government last week, and that report now being presented to Parliament.


The Boundary Commission says in its report:

‘Under the initial proposals we proposed two cross-county boundary constituencies:
a Loughborough and Rushcliffe South constituency which crossed the boundaries of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, and a Daventry and Lutterworth constituency which crossed the boundaries of Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. As noted in the report, we do not propose to modify this sub-region, therefore our final recommendations will continue to propose two cross-county boundary constituencies.

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‘We have considered the evidence received and are not making changes to the boundaries of our proposed constituencies of Ashfield, Bassetlaw, Broxtowe and Hucknall, Newark, North Rushcliffe, Nottingham North, and Nottingham South and Beeston. We recognise the opposition received regarding the inclusion of the Clifton area in the North Rushcliffe constituency, but consider that the counter-proposals resulted in significant changes to other constituencies that had largely been supported. Similarly, we note the concerns regarding the division of Chilwell between constituencies and we did investigate alternative proposals.

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Rushcliffe Arenas car park is extending due to the success of its leisure centre and conference facilities

‘We considered whether to revert to our initial proposals, but noted the support we had received for including the Bilborough ward in the Nottingham South and Beeston constituency. However, we do propose to modify. We are not modifying our proposed Nottingham East and Carlton, and Sherwood constituencies. We are persuaded by evidence received that the inclusion of the Trent Valley ward in the Nottingham East and Carlton constituency would better reflect the transport links in this area and have therefore decided to include this change in our final recommendations.’


Consultation on the revised proposals

‘In response to the consultation on our revised proposals, we received some support for our revised proposals, including the modifications made to the Newark and Sherwood constituencies and to the inclusion of the Bilborough ward in the proposed Nottingham South and Beeston constituency. However, this proposal was also objected to by some respondents who considered that it resulted in the division of the Chilwell area, which they considered would negatively impact the local ties and representation of the area.

‘We again received opposition to the inclusion of the Clifton North and Clifton South wards in the proposed North Rushcliffe constituency. Some respondents considered that the Clifton area has no links with the other areas in the constituency and that it was fundamentally different in character. We received some counter-proposals that sought to include the Clifton wards in a constituency based mainly in the City of Nottingham. These counter-proposals were similar to those suggested during previous consultations and would result in significant modifications to constituencies in Nottinghamshire.

‘We also received a counter-proposal that suggested the Trent Valley ward of Gedling borough be included in the Nottingham East and Carlton constituency. The proponent of this modification indicated that changes to other constituencies as part of the revised proposals resulted in the Trent Valley ward no longer having any road connections with the Sherwood constituency. Some respondents suggested that a more appropriate title for the Nottingham South and Beeston

Our final recommendations for Nottinghamshire are for constituencies of: Ashfield, Bassetlaw, Broxtowe and Hucknall, Mansfield, Newark, North Rushcliffe and Clifton, Nottingham East and Carlton, Nottingham North, Nottingham West and Beeston, and Sherwood. 

‘The names of the Nottingham South and Beeston, and North Rushcliffe constituencies. We are renaming the Nottingham South and Beeston constituency as Nottingham West and Beeston to better reflect the orientation of the constituency. We recognise that the Clifton wards form a large part of the electorate of the North Rushcliffe constituency and are not part of Rushcliffe borough, and therefore are renaming this constituency North Rushcliffe and Clifton.’

The report 

The Commission has now ( 10 Sept ) fulfilled its statutory responsibility, and submission of the report and its publication ends the Commission’s involvement in the 2018 Boundary Review.

Secretary to the Commission, Sam Hartley, said, ‘The recommendations we’ve published today mark the end of a thorough and consultative process to build the new map of constituencies. We’ve travelled the country, taken account of over 35,000 public comments, and heard many impassioned views about how best to reflect local communities in our recommendations, while ensuring that constituencies are all much more equally represented.

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‘We’re confident that the map we propose today is the best match of the legal rules Parliament have set us. It’s now up to Parliament to decide whether these boundaries will be used at the next general election.’

The Government must now make arrangements for the Commission’s recommendations to be voted on by both Houses of Parliament. It is for the Government to decide when to do so.


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