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West Bridgford
Sunday, 24 January 2021

Bridgford Road demolition: Planning application for ‘replica house’ submitted

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A planning application has been submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council for the replacement of The Gables, 13 Bridgford Road, following the demolition of the original building.


Developers say that the new dwelling has been designed to replicate the original with additions previously approved as extensions to the original.

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Information suggests that the original building was demolished following the discovery of structural cracks and weaknesses to the rear walls and front bay.

Following deconstruction works during the start of refurbishment the remnant walls were considered unsafe and a potential danger to anyone accessing the site. There has been an ongoing issue with trespass and a risk to public safety. The building was not listed and is not in a Conservation Area.

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While planning permission is not required for demolition, there is a prior notification procedure to seek agreement to the method of demolition unless works are urgently necessary in the interest of safety or health.

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The submitted application proposes a replica of the original, on the same site. The supporting statement with the application notes that ‘the new building will be of a traditional nature, utilising materials, techniques, and detailing that is authentic and appropriate.’ Special order bricks, stone heads, sills and mullions will replicate the originals.

The applicant’s statement notes that the replacement dwelling provides the opportunity to significantly increase the sustainability and energy efficiency of the house on the site.

The owner of the property told West Bridgford Wire: ‘I brought this house because I loved it and intend to make it my family home. It is regrettable that it has had to be demolished to be rebuilt, but it had become a safety risk. With pandemic restrictions and furloughed staff, the formal application has been delayed, but we are glad to have now made the submission for consideration. Rushcliffe Borough Council have been helpful throughout the process. We are looking forward to working collaboratively with the planners to ensure that our replacement home honours the appearance, character and stature of the original, and contributes to the high quality townscape in this important part of the Borough’

It is emphasised that the site is a live construction site, and unauthorised access poses a health and safety risk. Members of the public are urged not to enter the site without permission.

Images will be available when the application has been validated  and appears on the planning website.