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Brothers jailed after breaking into a garage

Two brothers who broke into a garage have been locked up.

Robert and Roy Sisson forced their way into the garage in the early hours of 29 July 2022.

Once inside they snatched an electric bike before fleeing the scene in Hollington Road, Bilborough.

The homeowner then awoke a few hours later to discover their bike and the padlocks used to secure the garage had been taken.

A joint investigation was launched by the city west neighbourhood policing and city burglary teams, who identified the brothers after analysing CCTV footage.

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Both were arrested and charged with burglary the following day (30 July).

Following his arrest, Robert Sisson was also charged with a similar burglary that took place in Robins Wood Road, Beechdale, on 11 July 2022.

This time an e-scooter, tools and washing powder were snatched from a garage after Sisson gained access through an unlocked door.

The brothers, both of Graylands Road, Bilborough, appeared before Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (3 August), where they pleaded guilty to the charges.

Robert (33) and Roy (43) Sisson were both jailed for four months.

They were also each ordered to pay £1,150 in compensation.

Detective Constable Louise Turton, of Nottinghamshire Police’s city burglary team, said: “Cracking down on burglary remains one of our top priorities as a force, as we know how much of an impact this type of offending can have on people’s lives.

“Nobody should ever have to worry about someone breaking into their home and stealing items that don’t belong to them, as Robert and Roy Sisson have now done on multiple occasions.

“Our dedicated burglary teams were created precisely to deal with cases such as this, so it was pleasing to be able to work in tandem with the city west neighbourhood policing team to bring this investigation to a successful conclusion.

“Both brothers are prolific offenders who have continuously shown a complete disregard for the law, so we’re delighted to see they have now been brought to justice.

“I sincerely hope they use the time they will now spend in prison to revaluate how they’re living their lives and make changes for the better.”

Detective Constable Turton added: “These incidents should also serve as a reminder to everyone about the importance of locking your doors, windows and garages, even when you’re home.

“We’d also urge people to check their home security is working properly and also to keep possessions out of sight, so as to remove any temptation for burglars.

“Taking these simple steps can play a major role in deterring burglars, most of whom are just looking for the easiest opportunity to quickly get in and out of properties without being detected.”

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