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Business donation helps Clifton park Covid memorial benches

A £4,000 donation from local manufacturer British Gypsum has helped a Nottinghamshire park restore its natural beauty in memory of lost loved ones.


Situated in the heart of the village, Clifton Central Park acts as a central hub for local residents to unwind and enjoy nature.

In 1947, to combat post-war housing shortages, permission was granted for a mass build of council housing estates in Clifton, helping accommodate those left without a home after World War II.

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Once these houses were erected, a need for open and green space was highlighted, and as a result, a number of parks and open spaces were created, including Clifton Central Park and Clifton Playing Fields.


Over the years, the park became difficult to maintain due to a lack of funding for maintenance staff, leaving the rose garden in complete disuse after not being tended to for over 40 years.

The park was also in desperate need of accessible outdoor meeting spaces, which made it difficult to host local community events.


With funding from Nottingham City Council, the flower park has now been completely refurbished and restored back to its former glory.

Flower beds and boxes have been installed, as well as six new benches, offering a tranquil and serene environment for local residents to enjoy. 


British Gypsum’s donation has gone towards two bespoke benches that commemorate those who lost their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of the restored garden, they’ve helped to create a space where local community members can boost their health and well-being by coming together to socialise and spend time outside.


Clifton East Ward Councillor Cllr Maria Watson has been the driving force behind the park’s renovation.

She said: “The donation from British Gypsum has allowed us to purchase two stunning bespoke metal benches – one with daffodils and the other with bluebells. 

“Without this donation, we would have only been able to get standard council benches, so these are a very welcome addition, creating new areas for people to sit and enjoy the renovated park!

“We believe this new memorial garden will give our community a place to meet and reflect the lives of their loved ones.”


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