Friday 14 June 2024
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Cave Escape Nottingham launches new Project Iceman game

Having survived lock down and continuing to battle through the cost of living crisis which has impacted all businesses in the hospitality and leisure sectors, Cave Escape has been on a challenging journey to bring its brand new game to the people of Nottingham.

Having previously produced adventures set in mysterious, gothic, Victorian England and the Altaussee mines of Austria in WWII, Cave Escape has truly been able to exploit the atmosphere of its subterranean location (20ft beneath Mansfield Road) to create the ice-age back drop for this futuristic yet prehistoric mission!

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cave escape nottingham

Cave Escape Nottingham

With an outrageous original storyline, “Project Iceman” is destined to be a real crowd-pleaser… The year is 2052.

Having learned from past mistakes and with the aim of creating a utopian society, governments and corporations worldwide have now successfully ended the use of fossil fuels and abolished weapons of war.

cave escape nottingham

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MEGAMEAT, the world’s largest corporation has found an innovative solution to end world hunger…or so we thought! Bio-engineered to have no fart gland and producing zero emissions, the Woolly Mammoth IS BACK!!!

Project Iceman

Ten years on, reproducing faster than they can be hunted and becoming increasingly aggressive, the mammoths are out of control! Some say it’s because of their inability to fart, others say it’s just too hot and they need a haircut! Either way, MEGAMEAT Corp need you to complete… ”PROJECT ICEMAN!”

cave escape nottingham

The world’s only permanent cave escape room

One-of-a-kind and a true gem in the city’s leisure offering, Cave Escape is Nottingham’s top escape room venue, renowned for its super-immersive experiences and stunning location.

The launch of its newest game, “Project Iceman” on Friday 14th July, sees the venue now offering three thrilling adventures that are a sure-fire challenge for groups of friends, families, and colleagues alike!

cave escape nottingham

“Project Iceman” will be the newest addition to Nottingham’s  escape room scene which is known internationally as a hotspot for outstanding and highly ranked games amongst enthusiasts.

“Taking up to an hour to complete, “Project Iceman” takes an innovative twist on the traditional premise of an escape room and encourages players to use their conscience and ethics to influence the conclusion of the narrative.

Jennifer Gilbert-Scott, Creative Director, said:

“Innovation is the key. We work really hard to give our visitors the most amazing experience with movie-quality sets and serious attention to detail.

“We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what live-action entertainment can be and that’s why we’re rated so highly.”

Nick Scott, Managing Director said:

“We’ve thrown in a mammoth amount of silliness and packed “PROJECT ICEMAN” to the brim with some insanely clever, beautiful and tech forward puzzles.

“We’re really proud of this game and I’m pretty confident families will absolutely love it.”

Find out more

Officially opening on Friday 14th July 2023, Project Iceman can be booked now at

Cave Escape will be running a “Kids Go Half Price Offer” throughout the school holidays to help make the cost of playing more affordable during these tricky times. T&Cs apply.

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