Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Chemotherapy treatments limited at Nottingham University Hospitals because of a capacity shortfall

NUH are having to limit the treatments to cancer patients because of capacity issues.

Nottingham University Hospitals said in a statement:

‘It is with great regret that we have had to make a clinical decision to limit chemotherapy treatments for some patients as we currently do not have capacity to deliver a full chemotherapy service.

‘We are deeply sorry for the concern and upset this has caused.

‘The service has been impacted by long term staff sickness and staff vacancies.

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‘We continue to provide chemotherapy to patients who benefit most from the treatment and the small number of patients affected have been contacted directly by their specialist cancer team and offered support.

‘All decisions in relation to patient care are being made with adherence to national guidance to help chemotherapy centres categorise and prioritise treatments when these situations arise.

‘We are recruiting to posts and continuing to progress a series of options which will deliver additional capacity outside of the Trust.

‘We are making every effort to restart treatment for patients by working with other providers and have been able to restart treatment for some patients.

‘We expect to be in a position to restart chemotherapy for all patients who require it during October.’

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