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‘Children will not be removed from trams’ after 12-year-old left alone in the dark


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Following the reports that 12-year-old Eniola Falade was removed from a tram over ticketing issues in Nottingham, and had to walk alone in the dark, NET has changed its policy – see details.

Eniola had a valid £1.10 single tram ticket that had been pre-purchased on the day before travel by her parents.

She was removed from a tram at the High School tram stop on November 28th after a conductor deemed the ticket to be invalid.

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She was on the way to an evening weekly drama workshop at New Art Exchange when a conductor carried out ticket checks on the tram.

She couldn’t show the ticket because of connectivity issues but did have a text message receipt for proof of purchase of the ticket.

After being removed she had to make her way to her destination by walking for 15 minutes which included going past the Forest Recreation Ground.

Eniola’s mother, Mrs Leanda Rastarella Falade complained to both Nottingham City Council and Nottingham Express Transit to try to get changes to the system.

A NET spokesman confirmed to The Wire today that a constructive conversation had taken place [ with Mrs Falade ] and told us: “We take all customer concerns seriously and as a result of our investigations into the issues raised by Mrs Falade we’ve reviewed and amended some of our policies.

“Children who cannot produce a valid ticket will now be escorted to their destination when issued with a penalty fare or warning, rather than being asked to step off the tram at the next stop.

“We also accept that some people may be confused by the process of activating mobile tickets and Mrs Falade has kindly agreed to take part in trials of new, easier mobile ticketing option to be launched next year.

“We’ve apologised to the family for any inconvenience caused and we’re pleased this matter has now been resolved. The lessons learned will be incorporated in our regular customer service training.”

Mrs Falade said in response to the policy amendment: ‘In challenging the Tram Network over the unfair treatment of my daughter now they have noticed flaws in their system and will be making positive changes. Which will benefit all the children who travel on the Trams and also give parents and caregivers peace of mind.’

‘Most importantly because I stood up for my child now all children will be safer on the tram and positive changes will take place.

‘Even though it started as Eniola’s experience it may now never have to happen to another child again. That is the most positive outcome for me and for us as a city.’


12-year-old girl removed from tram in Nottingham to walk alone in the dark after ticket deemed invalid

Council advises NET to adhere to its own policy regarding lone children after 12-year-old removed from tram

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