Children’s Hospital nurse sews home comforts for young Intensive Care patients

An intensive care nurse at Nottingham Children’s Hospital has been sewing in her spare time to help her young patients feel more at home on the ward.

Holly Millerchip, who has worked in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) for three years, has been sewing bouncy chair covers, bibs, cot covers and soft toys.

She said: “I hadn’t done any sewing before, but I just wanted to do something to make the unit more normal and homely for the children.”

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Holly, 27, initially started sewing covers for the bouncy chairs. She said:  We have lots of children that are here for a while, remaining relatively immobile in beds. They can get really bored and the bouncy chairs are a great way to entertain them. But it was quite difficult to use them as they had to be fully washed down for every child each time.

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“After getting a sewing machine for my birthday, I decided to take some of the covers home to draft up my own patterns. I then used these patterns to make covers that can be washed on high temperatures for the different types of chair we had on the wards.”

Holly has also made reversible bibs for babies with tracheostomies, as standard bibs often aren’t large enough to accommodate the assisted breathing technology.

Her bright crafts proved so popular that she has now moved on to making other items, such as soft toys and cot covers.

Holly said: “My colleague Lynsey Crackle and I thought it would be good idea to make canopies for over the cots. In PICU the lights are always on so having covers allows the children to have more of a normal day and night routine.”

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Consultant on the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, Charlotte Goedvolk said: “I think it’s amazing that Holly has shown this initiative. Her crafts really make a difference to the long term patients, creating a more homely environment”.