Tuesday 16 July 2024
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City plans ‘the worst of both worlds’ say Nottingham Conservatives

Reaction from Nottingham Conservatives Federation to today’s plans for the future of Nottingham city. 

Dan Atherton, Deputy Chair of Nottingham Conservatives Federation (the Conservative Party) said:
“What the people of Nottingham deserve is a world-class city centre that we can be proud of. A large number of people called for greater green space, the business community desire high-quality space and opportunities to develop.

What the council has now endorsed, though, is the worst of both worlds. It presents neither optimum green space nor the groundbreaking retail and business infrastructure that is crucially needed in the south of the city.

What we have been offered is the decrepit shell of the old ‘Broadmarsh Centre’ standing as a monument to the shell of a city that Nottingham Labour are threatening to leave Nottingham in.

There are elements that we can welcome: greater attention and access to the city’s famous network of caves, the inclusion of much needed city-centre long-term accommodation and the reinstatement of the time-tested street plan.

The crucial thing we need is a radical new direction away from the financially incompetent, negative culture of Nottingham Labour who have taken the people of Nottingham for granted for too long. We believe that this vision does not offer that.

People must not forget that, at the end of the day, the reason we are left with this concrete wasteland dividing the south of the city and station from the rest of the centre, is down to the countless blunders and mistakes from the Nottingham Labour council. The ruins of the old ‘Broadmarsh Centre’ will, under this plan, remain as a reminder of Nottingham Labour’s mismanagement of the city’s resources.

Why should we trust them to keep our city’s best interests at heart?”
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