Thursday 1 June 2023
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Coronavirus updates from Public Health Directors – Universities, Newark, Nottingham city and the wider county

Jonathan Gribben, Public Health Director for Nottinghamshire County and Alison Challenger, Public Health Director for Nottingham City update the media, discussing the virus in the community, Newark and Sherwood and the need to continue vigilance. 

At a media briefing today ( 21 August 2020 ) Alison Challenger, Public Health Director for Nottingham City said:

– For Nottingham City there are no increases in hospital cases. Community transmission is very low in the city, the average age picked up by Pillar 2 testing is working-age people.

– The Riverside Bakery in The Meadows area of the city has recorded 13 cases, but there isn’t widespread transmission across the workforce at the moment, but of course this is being monitored very closely every day.

.Nottinghamshire Local Outbreak Plan

– Universities – Key area in our outbreak control plan – working closely with the Universities on transport, local communities and all aspects to check for risks and put measures in place as students arrive in the city.

Jonathan Gribben, Public Health Director for Nottinghamshire County said:

– Small but steady increase in cases across the county, mostly arising in working-age people. Not resulting for the most part in severe disease. Small and sporadic increases across the whole region. The small and steady increase hasn’t resulted in an increase in NHS cases ( hospitalisation ).

– Newark and Sherwood, over last 14 days there were 55 cases, lower than the previous week. Over a 7-day period there were 28 cases per 100,000 people, too early to call it a trend but is being closely watched. There are daily pro-active Incident Management Team meetings in Newark.

– Bassetlaw – Progress has been made in four care homes that have reopened after small outbreaks, this was well-managed and has been satisfactorily concluded.

– Bakkavor dessert factory – testing continues, as of 20 August, there has been a total of 86 cases. Most staff at the employer are testing negative. The business has been responsible and worked well with the Public Health departments.

The message from the Public Health Directors is clear as they ask the public to help minimise the further spread of coronavirus:

Message is to ensure frequent rigorous handwashing and maintain social distancing – adhere to rules on households only meeting one other household, and the wearing of face masks where necessary. 

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