Council congratulates GCSE students

Commenting on the GCSE results which are published today (Thu, 24 Aug), Councillor Philip Owen, Nottinghamshire County Council’s committee chairman for children and young people’s services said:”Congratulations to Nottinghamshire’s young people, most of whom will be celebrating their awards.”

Adding, “This success is in the context of a more challenging curriculum and end of key stage exams.”

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The new grading system, which comes into force this year in English language, literature and mathematics, means that students will receive their grades in numbers for these subjects, where a 4 is equivalent to a C in the previous grading system.

Other subjects will be reported this year as they have been in previous years ranging from A*-G.

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“Most young people will now be progressing further with their education and will now be able to confirm their sixth form or college courses, apprenticeship or work placements,” added  Coun Owen.

“For a small number of students who may be disappointed with their achievements, I am grateful to schools and the dedicated teachers who will ensure that support and independent advice and guidance is available to allow these students to continue with their education in the most appropriate setting.”

Nottinghamshire County Council’s new administration has now published ‘Your Nottinghamshire Your Future’ which places families, education and skills firmly at the heart of its vision.

Coun Owen went onto say: “We are committed to ensuring that businesses in Nottinghamshire have access to a confident, well-educated and skilled workforce of the future.

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“GCSE outcomes are a foundation for the further learning that needs to take place at Key Stage 5 – A levels and their equivalent – and beyond.”