Council to save £750,000 per year with cuts to adult social care transport

Nottingham City Council Loxley House

Nottingham City Council plans to save £750,000 a year by limiting those who qualify for social care transport. 

In the report the council says,

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‘Nottingham City Council is committed to maintaining quality services for elderly, disabled and vulnerable people. However the numbers of people requiring these services will continue to rise over the coming years and within the climate of the current budget reductions, Nottingham City Council needs to consider how to sustain these services. The Nottingham City Adult Social Care Transport.’

‘Policy is one proposal to help maintain these essential services as it requires citizens who are in receipt of mobility related benefits, concessionary travel passes, or have the ability to use public transport after a period of training to use these benefits or skills to travel to services.’

‘Council funded transport will only be provided if, in the opinion of the assessor, it is the only reasonable means of ensuring that the service user can be safely transported to an assessed and eligible service. Where there is alternative appropriate transport available (either personal or public transport), it will be assumed that the service user will use this as a first option. Council funded transport will only be provided if alternatives are unavailable or inappropriate for some reason.’

A full consultation was carried out between January 8th 2018 and February 16th 2018.

The council says that it is estimated that the introduction of the proposed Adult Social Care Transport Policy will result in a reduction in spend of £750,000 in a full year based on current levels of social care provision.

And that this decision will contribute to savings included in the Council’s Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) and support a sustainable level of social care services.

Appendix 1 Transport Policy April 2018