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Council stockpiles frozen food in case of No-Deal Brexit


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Nottinghamshire County Council has built up a reserve of two weeks of frozen meals ahead of a possible no-deal Brexit.

The authority says it has been told by the Government food shortages are unlikely, but some choices may be limited.

A document detailing preparations for a no-deal shows the council has prepared provisional new menus for school dinners, and has also prepared two-weeks’ worth of meals for its service for elderly people.

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The county says it is not expecting difficulties in securing fuel supplies for its fleet of vehicles.

Another potential risk the county council has looked at is an increase in freight traffic to East Midlands Airport.

The main routes around the airport – the M1 and the A453 – are managed by Highways England.

But some of the smaller routes are the responsibility of the county council.

It says the potential for disruption is ‘unlikely’, but mitigation measures are in place.

All social care providers have been asked to confirm to the council they have contingency plans in place for a no-deal Brexit.

The report says: “In respect of food supplies and school meals, our catering and facilities management managers have considered potential implication for schools meal menus.

“The government is advising that, in the case of no-deal exit, there will be no overall shortage of food but there could be reduced choice, particularly in respect of certain types of fresh produce.

“This has been addressed in planning so that suitable alternative menus can be provided.

“Also, County Enterprise Foods (A council-owned catering company) has created a two-week contingency supply of frozen meals for the Meals at Home service.”

It goes on to say several departments are continuing to put plans together.

“Individual county council teams are continuing to assess risks and impacts, in comparison with technical notices published by the Government, and are actively considering actions ahead of potential ‘no deal’ and other scenarios that could have local impacts.”

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