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Council uses 40,000 fewer plastic cups than a year ago


Nottinghamshire County Council has cut down on its use of single-use plastics – such as plastic cups and bottles – after pledging to be more environmentally friendly.

Nottinghamshire County Council pledged in March 2018 to reduce its use of single-use plastics.

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Since then, a host of measures have been taken to reduce their use.

A report by the council has found that around it has cut down on its use of plastics, with a reduction of around 55,000 items which would otherwise have been used.

Water machines within staff areas no longer have plastic cups available, and glasses are used instead.

Based on last year’s usage the council estimates this has resulted in reducing the usage of plastic cups by 40,000.

Plastic water bottles have also been sidelined. These were available at council meetings. Around 2,000 which would have been used have been saved.

In addition, reusable cups are now in use in the council’s catering outlets. Year on year this has resulted in a reduction in cup and lid usage of approximately 13,000.

Other councils around the county have also pledged to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics, including Rushcliffe, the city council and Gedling.


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