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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Council votes to sell Beeston Town Hall to Cornerstone Church

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A decision on the sale of Beeston Town Hall was voted through at tonight’s Broxtowe Borough Council full council meeting.

After months of protests and anger, councillors voted on whether to hand the building to an evangelical church or retain it as a public asset.

A plan was initially considered to demolish the building to make way for housing, but the Conservative-run council favoured a bid made by the evangelical church Cornerstone, which is based in Nottingham.

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But a community group which hoped to take on the hall said its bid had not been properly considered, and that the process of making the decision has been ‘flawed’.

A full council meeting was held tonight ( Wed 17 Oct), held at the same Town Hall the council is considering disposing of, has made its decision.

Earlier in the meeting a proposal to adjourn the decision until 2019 was rejected:

Campaigners said there was a ‘huge amount of anger and sadness’ over the proposal to sell the hall in the first place, and of the proposal to sell it to Cornerstone.

But the church says it will run the hall as an asset for the whole community.

Minister Pete Brown said earlier this week: “We’re excited at the prospect of a building that will enable us to play a more active role in community life in Beeston and the surrounding area.

“I want us to make a genuine difference to the lives of many people in Beeston. This building would be a chance for us to bless more of our community and work together with others for lasting change.

“I believe that developing the Beeston Town Hall into a modern and vibrant local community hub will allow us to expand the work we are doing and particularly improve our service to the people here.”

“We recognise and value the local historic importance of the building and our planned designs retain the key features of note such as the staircase, old council chamber and stained-glass window.

“Our vision for the town hall is a lively building, in use every day of the week, hosting a wide variety of activities and welcoming a diverse population from the community through its doors.

“We commit to ensuring ongoing public access to the town hall through these activities and will look to run open days during the year for people to come and see the building.”