Councillor criticises Chancellor for overlooking Social Care funding crisis

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Councillor Graham Chapman has expressed ‘real disappointment’ that Chancellor, Phillip Hammond’s Autumn Statement made no reference to the health and social care funding crisis.

Pressure on the NHS and social care providers across the country is increasing, with many services at breaking point. The short fall for adult care funding in Nottingham is £14.5m this year and it is set to increase again next year.

Since 2011, Nottingham has lost £72m in government grant but spending on Adult Care has risen from £78 million to over £90 million due to an ageing population with more complex health and social care needs.

There were 8,291 people in the city who were dependent on this funding this year.

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Councillor Chapman, Portfolio Holder for Resources and Neighborhood Regeneration said ‘Councils and NHS services across the UK are facing the extremely difficult task of being underfunded whilst trying to provide complex services to elderly and vulnerable people in our communities.

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The fact that the chancellor seems to have overlooked the social care funding crisis in his Autumn Statement is bad for Nottingham’s elderly and disabled people.

It is also counterproductive creating bed blocking and additional cost to the NHS, putting at risk care homes and making a number of care agencies unviable.’