Wednesday 31 May 2023
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Councillor slams Ashfield Independents for ‘betraying the public’ over £15.7 million Top Wighay Farm offices

Councillor Keith Girling Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Asset Management at Nottinghamshire County Council comments on Ashfield Independents objections to the development.

Commenting on this story: Councillors officially object to £15.7 million Linby council building plans Cllr Girling responds below:

Councillor Keith Girling Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Asset Management told The Wire:

“I find it incredulous that in public the Ashfield Independents protest about the application yet do not mention this in their official response.

“The Council (Ashfield District Council) raises no objection to the proposed development in principle, and is pleased to see features being installed to encourage the use of more sustainable modes of transport.

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“It is noted that there will be space for up to 40 cycles to be securely locked within a cycle store.

“A number of Electric Vehicle (EV) charge points are also proposed to be installed; 10 EV charging spaces within the staff car park, and a total of 3 within the visitors car park (which includes 1 EV disabled parking space).”

“Yet again the Ashfield Independents say one thing to the public but betray them behind their backs, there’s no objections and I have concrete evidence to substantiate my statement.


“This is all part of our wider plan to bring long-term savings for taxpayers by creating more carbon-neutral, fit for purpose council  buildings, generating income by leasing space within buildings, and co-locating with other public organisations.

“We’ve reduced our estate by almost half and the overall impact of this is that it will SAVE money, not cost money.

“We have made a clear pledge to help meet the UK’s carbon-neutral targets by 2030 so it’s vital we invest now to make our  buildings more energy-efficient, such the site Top Wighay, which aims to be a carbon- neutral as possible.”

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