Friday 24 May 2024
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Councils approve £121,000 transport modelling cash to support Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan

In a move to bolster the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan, Nottingham City Council has approved a decision to fund transport modelling.

The decision was taken on July 10, 2023, and has a value of £121,900.

The decision involves the approval to spend £121,900 on transport modelling.

The decision also includes the approval to receive £63,066.75 as part contribution from Broxtowe, Gedling, and Rushcliffe Borough Councils, with each contributing £21,022.25.

Transport modelling is a crucial part of the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan.

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It is required to identify transport mitigation measures made necessary by the proposals of the Plan.

The evidence generated from this modelling is essential to demonstrate that the proposals are capable of implementation without undue detriment to existing transport infrastructure.

The cost of the project will be shared between Nottingham City Council and the three Boroughs, with Nottinghamshire County Council procuring the work via their procurement framework. The full cost of £121,900 will be funded as follows: £84,089 will be met by the four partner authorities, equating to £21,022.25 each, and £37,811 will be sourced from the Brownfield Pilot N-94520 -G29.

The decision to fund the transport modelling was classified as operational as it is below £250,000, and the funding for this decision comes from an already approved budget for this year.

The decision was taken with the understanding that not undertaking the transport work would render the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan incapable of being found sound. The revenue costs incurred and any drawdown from the grant will be recorded and monitored in line with current legislation, and to avoid any financial pressure to the Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP).

The decision was made by Sajeeda Rose, the Corporate Director of Growth and City Development, under the Scheme of Delegation Reference Number 1. The costs and contributions towards costs from commissioning authorities will be monitored by the service for any variance and reflected in the monthly forecast for the service.

Councils are required to set out strategic policies to address local priorities for development such as housing and employment growth, to help the prosperity of local people.

Rushcliffe, Broxtowe, and Gedling Borough Councils and Nottingham City Council are developing a joint Strategic Plan, which will help guide future development across their combined areas.

The Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan will aim to:

  • Have the right number and types of new homes, which are built in the right places and meet the needs of our local population and diverse communities;
  • Create vibrant and viable city and town centres, which are sustainable and are places where people want to live and work; and
  • Provide the right conditions for economic development which generates new jobs and economic growth, and to enable strong, safe and healthier communities.

The Strategic Plan will also consider other planning issues such as climate change and how the plan can help achieve each council’s ambition to become carbon neutral.

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