Saturday 20 July 2024
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Council’s ‘flying skips’ help residents get rid of tons of waste

Councillors and members of staff joined hundreds of residents who took the chance to get rid of extra waste through the Council’s flying skips. 

The event was another part of Ashfield District Council’s 5th Big Spring Clean.

Wheelie bins took over from cars as residents transported their waste to touring bin wagons time and time again.

SpringClean1 scaled
A member of the Council’s environment team hands Samantha Deakin some flowers on Taylor Crescent, Leamington.

This week residents across the area also have the chance to get rid of bagged waste alongside their red-lidded bin.

There was even romance in the air as a member of the Council’s Environment Team presented Councillor Samantha Deakin with some artificial flowers.

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SpringClean4 scaled
‘Mrs Mop’ Samantha Deakin leads residents disposing of their rubbish.

Council Leader Jason Zadrozny was joined on East Street, Sutton and Taylor Crescent, Leamington by local councillors Samantha Deakin and David Hennigan.  Councillor Helen-Ann Smith was on Meden Bank and Brand Lane, Teversal.

Councillor Tom Hollis was on Sudbury Drive, Huthwaite and Councillor Sarah Madigan was on Barnes Crescent, Leamington.  Members of the Council’s Community Protection Team also on hand to help residents dispose of their waste.

SpringClean6 scaled

Councillor Samantha Deakin, Portfolio Holder for Parks, Town Centres and Neighbourhood Services hailed the event and thanked the Council’s brilliant staff.  She said, “Ashfield District Council is committed to restoring pride in our communities.

“Our staff, as ever were marvellous and went over and above to help residents get rid of their waste.

“I was touched when I was presented with a bunch of artificial flowers.  These ended up in the back of the bin wagon with tons of tons of rubbish.  I don’t do romance on Saturday mornings.”

Councillor Helen-Ann Smith helps residents in Stanton Hill.


Council Leader Jason Zadrozny said:

“This is the 5th year we’ve done the spring clean and the best reaction yet.  At one point there was more wheelie bins on our roads than cars.

“Our environment team are brilliant ambassadors for Ashfield and were pleased that councillors and staff mucked in.  This is our biggest event yet and there is much more to come as the Council get their hands dirty in the war on waste.”

•  Big Spring Clean returns to Nottingham for an even BIGGER clean up

This week, residents in Carsic, Harlow Wood, Huthwaite, Leamington, Stanton Hill, Skegby, Sutton, Stanton Hill and Teversal can put an extra bag of waste out with their red lidded bin.

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